7 easy ways to promote your blog (infographic)

Do you spend a lot of time creating the content? I’ve got a bad message for you. It’s the beginning of your way. It’s generally known that ‘content is the king’ , but a good content is not enough. So today we’ll look closer at ‘the queen‘ that is distribution of this content, because I assume that you want to be a well-known bloger and the effort that you put into creating the content shouldn’t be wasted.  Let’s look at the methods which you can use for your website to help your receivers reach your content.

What is content distribution?

content distributionThese are all actions taken in different channels to make it easier for the receiver to come across your content. If you invest your time in creating content it’s obvious that the next step is to create optimal distribution model for your subject matter. Of course not all the methods work in every branch, so it may take some time before you find an ideal solution for yourself. Don’t be afraid to test new methods and possibilities. Draw conclusions and make improvements. Remember also that distribution is a continuous process. So let’s have a look at distribution methods of our content.

Where to promote our content?

1. Social media: The first way to promote our content is of course social media. However remember here about one rule – adjust your content to a particular media. The users of each social network consume content in a different way, so if you publish everywhere the same content you won’t get a desirable effect.    Additionally make sure that you’ve got  social media share buttons and follow buttons on your site. It’s worth mentioning that it’s better to have less profiles, but with a valuable content than many profiles, but with a poor content. That is why before you start any actions, do a research of your branch and choose those channels in which there are the most potential receivers. There is one more important thing. Remember that content has a short lifespan in social media, so don’t concentrate only on this method.

2.Internet forums, topic groups (Facebook too): Forums were very popular places in the Internet before social networks appeared. Nowadays it seems that this form is less effective. However many people still search for information on forums. It’s worth taking a look and checking whether there are forums where we can take part in a discussion and make use of our knowledge helping other users. In return for that some forums let you write your website address in a footer. Additionally search Facebook groups, because you can also share your knowledge there and sometimes put a link to the topics connected with your branch and with your website.

3.Newsletter: Contrary to appearances this method is still good, if you do it well and don’t spam. That is why if you have a blog, collect your readers emails to send them later information about new posts or any additional materials not available anywhere else. Thanks to that you will keep your readers or perhaps you’ll convert them into your customers in the future.


4.Content recycling: At the beginning many editors and bloggers think that a lot of content will bring them publicity. Surely some of them will gain publicity, but not too many. Concentrate on writing valuable content and on good distribution. Recycling is also a great method. When you already have a valuable text maybe you should make an infographic to it, presentation, gif, a film or audio version? A bigger diversity will cause that you’ll be able to get to a greater group of receivers on different platforms.

guest posts5.Guest posts/expert posts: Building your image as an expert in a particular field takes time and effort in creating your content. Publishing this content on other blogs or services can bring you additional benefits – a traffic from these websites. Of course, those texts should be unique in some way and not only a copy of your articles.

6.Offline actions: Don’t also forget about offline methods. The fact that you have a blog in the Internet doesn’t mean that you promote it only in the Internet. Talk about your site, place your website address on your business card, place your logo sticker on your laptop or on your car window. These are only some ideas, which you can use. The only limit is your imagination.

7.Paid methods: If you have any additional money you can think about buying an advertisement – on Facebook or AdWords. It will surely help you to reach a bigger group of receivers. However remember also to track your campaign and if it’s neccessary react properly.

paid methods

Why is it so important?

don't keep your writing in the sock drawerWe live in such times, that requirements are lower than ever before. Everybody can become an influencer. You don’t even need your own website or blog, just an account in social network (for example Instagram). If you are stubborn enough, you can also publish a book in self-publishing model and you don’t need any publisher to do it.  Of course it’ll be more difficult, but it’s possible.

That is why it’s a big challenge, especially when we talk about quality. Since everybody can create content, you must attract readers attention – so do it better than others. Test, draw conclusions and first of all create a valuable content. Give your receiver a hand and introduce your magic world to him.

Just do it well

As you can see this whole content marketing game is for tough guys. Unfortunately your work doesn’t finish after writing a new article. It would be too easy. Use potential of your content, make your individual plan and act. Write below what methods you use, and if you think that this text is valuable share it 😉 Thank you!

7 easy ways to promote your blog – infographic

7 easy ways to promote your blog infographic