How to build relationships and sell via email? – a test of the best tools for cold emailing

For some time now in many places, we can read about the end of email. However the truth is different. Email is still ‘alive’ and what we have to do is to use it properly.

Getting the contact in the form of email address (a lead) is only the beginning of a very long way to sales. There are many factors that have an influence on the effectiveness of a cold email campaign. One of them is a regular contact. In our tests we received 43% of all answers after sending the 3rd or the 4th email. It means that if we’d sent only 2 emails, our conversion would have dropped by 43%. When we have a big contact base, we must use a tool that will automate  sending emails, because managing a base (which has over 100 potential customers) by yourself is less effective.

In many cases, the use of tools, which automate processes in an intelligent way, bring very good results. If you add to it integrations with everyday services  (CRM, GMAIL and so on), your product will be able to develop more quickly, and conversion will reach higher level.

Some time ago we published on our blog a post about tools for email marketing.  Today we are analysing tools, which thanks to automation of cold email campaigns will help us even better generate leads and support your sales department.


Yesware is a tool that will let you track your potential customers in a real time. We can automate here communication processes and micro-moments with our brand. What’ s more, you’ll integrate this tool easily with your email or Salesforce. Unfortunately these are all possibilities of integrations. However if it’s enough for you, you should use it, because it’s quite cheap.

+ designing micro-moments of potential customer with our brand
+ extended possibility of analysis in a real time
+ personalised communication
+ the possibility of creating message templates
+ extended analysis and possibility of reporting
+ the possibility of work plan and reminders
+ integration with Salesforce, Gmail, Outlook
+ the cheapest tool in our list
– no A/B testing
– not many integrations
– no mobile app
Price 12$/ 25$/ 55$ per user/ month
(28-day free trial)


Reply ia another interesting tool. It has an extended team work function, thanks to which you’ll set tasks among team members. It also has a possibility of downloading a lot of information about potential customers, what you can use later during sales discussions. Additionally, it can be integrated with more tools, not only CRM.

+ extended information about potential customers
+ A/B testing
+ integrations with many CRM systems, for example: Salesforce, Slack, Zapier and so on
+ the possibility of integration with Gmail
+ getting new sales leads
+ processes automation and designing micro-moments with our brand
+ the possibility of integration with VoIP system
+ work group
– no mobile app
– short trial
Price from 20$ per user/ month
(14-day free trial)


This is the last tool, which we’ve tested. AWeber is used for keeping in touch with your customer rather than getting new customers. It’s a little bit extended than common tools for newsletters, however there is no work group here or micro-moments planning.

+ mobile app for tool service
+ the possibility of integration with many popular tools such as: Facebook, WordPress, PayPal, Woocommerce and so on
+ processes automation
+ a big flexibility of email marketing processes
+ many additional materials (knowledge base, webinars, video guides)
+ the possibility of using ready templates and stock photos from system
+ tool options are the same in all plans, the price is different depending on the number of users
– to test a tool you must give your credit card data
– no A/B testing
Price from19$ per month
(30-day free trial)


Summing up, if you want to develop your business and do it effectively, I would recommend you to use the second tool – Reply, because it offers you many interesting options and integrations. What’s more important, it also has team work functions what not only helps in sales but also improves processes of your company.

Do you know any similar tools? Write about them in comments 😉