Call to Action – how to persuade consumer into purchasing a product?

Your online store shouldn’t miss „Call To Action” (CTA). It’s easy to prepare and very effective in practice tool, which calls to a particular action. It helps to direct user’s attention to a specified action as for example: purchasing a product. What to do to make CTA convert? And is it really necessary?

A small button of a great importance

Nobody likes to be confused, both during holiday journey and browsing the web. Good navigation in your car and in the Internet allows you to feel safer and thanks to that move easier both on the road and online. The „Call To Action” button is an essential part of such a navigation. It’s a kind of signpost. It shows what the user will achieve if he clicks this button. And maybe he will achieve this what you want as a service owner, for example:

  • Buy now – the customer, who is detremined to purchase a product or a service, gets a clear message that after clicking this button he will start purchasing process.
  • Read more – the user who is interested in this offer, thanks to that tip will be able to get more detailed information and that may persuade him later to purchase a product.
  • Go further – thanks to this button, the user is informed how to act to get more information or go to the next step of purchasing process or reservation.

You don’t need to use exactly these phrases. They are the most popular and the most often used ones, which appear in many online stores. However you can replace them with your own phrases. Remember only that CTA should make a promise, inform about profits or express a need. That is why a simple „Click here” is just useless.

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Good CTA – so what does it mean?

It means – encouraging. „Buy now”, „Add to cart”, „Read more” inform only what the user should do, but they don’t inform him why. Good CTA indicates a specified action and at the same time it informs about profits the user gets when he acts in this particular way, for example:

  1. Discover the power of nature (on the website with natural beauty products)
  2. Don’t wait in the queue to repair your car (on the website of car service )

If you want to prepare high-converting CTA button, use these tips:

  • Make it visible– a good solution here is creating such a button that will almost automatically encouarage visitors to click it. Remember to highlight it properly. Colour that will contrast with website background and the button at the top of the site will help.
  • Limit the number of words– If you use the button as CTA, the full sentence placed on that button won’t look well. However don’t forget that you can call to action in web content and then this form will work well, for example: Do you miss, in the middle of winter, a warm, summer day? By ordering our pizza, smelling of a sunny Italy, you can order now refreshing lemonade. (It sounds better than: Buy a pizza+ lemonade).
  • Use activating words  – A good CTA must indicate what is hidden beyond the button. The user should already know what he agrees to – he will subscribe to newsletter, he will purchase a product, he will try a product for free and so on.
  • Create sense of urgency – Many users will be enouraged to purchase a product when they see that a special offer is limited (ends in 2 days).