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The world, and especially this virtual one, is changing very quickly. That is why, if you want to develop your e-shop, you must follow the changes, trends, competition and the key players in the market . You also have to draw conclusions, learn from the best ones and implement new solutions to your business. Of course you can’t forget about carrying out experiments and testing – you can use A/B testing.

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What will you find in ebook? 6 chapters with valuable knowledge:

  1. The magic of the lost benefits – show your clients benefits of products, that they bought. Adding extra product won’t always increase your sales.
  2. The paradox of choice – what do you think – why the smaller choice is better than the bigger one? It’s because the bigger choice you give to the client, the more difficult decision he has to make. In this case, the easiest solution to the client is to give up making decision (put it off).
  3. Bundles – bundles are cheaper, you surely know that. In this chapter you’ll find out how to create bundles to make them more effective.
  4. 4 things we can learn from Amazon – we can learn a lot from this e-shop. It’s worth knowing what goes on backstage and learn quicker.
  5. A/B price testing – thanks to testing product samples, you can decide, within a very short time, what actions will be more profitable in your e-shop and how to do it well.
  6. Cross-selling: how to increase the amount of goods sold – apart from bundles it’s also worth thinking about cross-selling strategy and also offer your  clients complementary products to those products, which they are buying.