How to generate new leads effectively? – tools review

Sales lead is the contact information to the potential customer, who will be interested in your product or service. To build product sales you must generate high quality leads.

So how to generate leads?

1.Using your blog or product website

The aim of your actions, thanks to which you’ll increase your website traffic, should be taking expected actions by the users, for example: newsletter subscription, downloading e-book, filling in the form or buying a product. Thanks to such actions, you get a huge base of potential customers, who are actually interested in your products/services. When you have such a base of potential receivers, you can start personalized marketing actions, and then generate more sales leads.

For this purpose you can use different tools, available in the Internet. There are many of them, however every tool offers you different possibilities. Remember also to monitor and analyse what’s happening with your website. The bigger knowledge about potential users you have, the better marketing message you can display to them. Remember also about building relationships and keeping in touch with potential customers.

2. Buying contact base

It’s probably the easiest solution – buying a contact list (the most often e-mail list) to companies from a particular branch.  Unfortunately this solution has some disadvantages:

  • it’s hard to define desirable quality and topicality
  • high purchase cost
  • potential Spam Traps –  that is ’empty e-mail addresses’, which will be marked (in different tools) as spam after sending the campaign, this will dramatically lower campaign effectiveness

3. Lead generation services

There are many tools, which are helpful for leads generation. We’ve checked some of them and placed our conclusions below.

Inspire Beats

It’s a tool, or rather a service, which allows you to generate new sales leads. The price list has been designed in such a way that we pay monthly subscription, and the subscription amount depends on the number of provided leads. The minimum number of sales leads is 110 contacts.

+ E-mail marketing personalization
+ Unlimited support
– No free trial
– Negative opinions about the tool
– No integrations
Price from 349$ per month


Right Hello

It’s a Polish tool. We should get business contact after sending telephone number and e-mail. The service provides us with required contacts, which can be changed into sales leads. Unfortunately there is no free trial here.

+ Sales processes automation
+ New lead generation channel
+ Help in the range of communication and copywriting
– No free trial
– No integrations
Price from 800$ per month (pricing conditions are negotiated individually)



Growbots is more complex solution, which provides us much more than a contact list. You’ll easily design micro-moments and automate processes connected with leads. You also have an access to statistics and possibility of A/B testing, and what’s the most important you’ll easily integrate with CRM.

+ Sales processes automation
+ New lead generation channel
+ Statistics and analysis
+ A/B testing
+ CRM integration (live-sync)
Price from 500$ per month


Unfortunately, in this case it’s hard to recommend one tool. We like Growbots the most. However it’s better to test some of them and check which one will be the best in a particular case.

Remember that apart from tools for leads generation, you need some more solutions such as: newsletter, landing page, mailing tools and at least a simple CRM. It’s also worth analyzing what’s happening on your website and always be up-to-date.  If you have some good friends, send them the materials before you send a campaign to receive first feedback. Of course, if there is a need, make changes in your campaign before publication.

What tools do you use? Write them in the comments 🙂