How to promote your blog offline?

We – bloggers deal with promoting our blogs in the Internet everyday. Some of us do it well, others much better, everything depends on our creativity.  In one of our last posts we’ve mentioned offline promoting. Looking at your comments we can see that many of you forget about offline promoting, although it could seem that it’s obvious. That is why we’ll show you today some techniques, which you can use to promote your blog.

Use your devices

notebook with labels on itDo you use your mobile devices a lot? We mean: laptop, tablet or smartphone. If so, you’ve got a walking advertisement in your hands. All you have to do is to print a sticker with your logo or website and stick it to your device. If you’re afraid that the quality of your device will be lowered when you stick a sticker on it, use protective film or a case. Since then wherever you go you will have your blog advertisement on you. Such a sticker may sometimes become an initator of a random conversation, which can result in some interesting projects. Of course you can print more such stickers and stick them on the objects which you often use ( a schedule, a notebook or a thermal mug). Remember that many people are visualizers, so even a small label can be an impulse to visit your site.

Paper still in fashion

It would seem that common digitalization pushed paper into the background. Nothing could be further from the truth – there are many people who use it everyday. That is why think about printing your business cards and to differentiate yourself you can think about more creative variants or connecting them with a mobile world by creating a QR code business card. We present some business cards inspirations below.

business card

kreatywne wizytówki

creative business cards

Apart from business cards you can think about printing a small brochure. And also creativity matters here, and the more creative idea the better.  You can also give some notebooks or schedules to your customers or friends.  A good option can be a competition and giving away such gadgets to your readers.  There are really many possibilities.

And what about analog media?

analog mediaMany of us think that Internet activities should be promoted only in the Internet. However depending on the subject matter and branch it may turn out that we’ll get quite good results using traditional media. An ad in a local newspaper or radio may sometimes result in an increase in interest of your activity. Or maybe advertising on TV (if you have more money)? Unfortunately we can’t measure the results of these actions, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Right? 😉

Ther are gadgets and …. GADGETS

Nowadays gadgets are very common and popular, so they don’t make such a big impression on people, but well-considered gadgets still work on people. The purchase of simple pens with your logo on them won’t probably benefit you, but if they are more creative or for example ecological they may impress people. The same may be with creative mugs or pendrives. However the most important thing here is to remember what target group you direct your gadget to.  It’s the best to have usable products, that is something which can be used in everyday work or life. Such a gadget should also differentiate itself. Don’t order simple pendrives with your logo on them, you better think about a unique shape, for example the case in the shape of your logo. Focus on the quality of the gadgets and you’ll surely benefit from it.

Mobile solutions

The only limit is your imagination 😉 You can use your car, motor scooter or bike. In this case it’s better to choose a little more expensive solution to make labels more durable (weatherproof). Of course you don’t have to stick advertisement labels on the whole car, it’s sometimes just enough to put your website address on the license plate or the rear window. Remember! – even a small change can bring a great result.


Networking … that is the devil’s not so black as he’s painted

As we mentioned earlier – your blog doesn’t exist without promotion. The other important issue is networking. Use it everywhere. Do you meet your friends, family or maybe you take part in a branch meeting? If you have a chance, mention about that what you do after work or full-time. You can also exchange business cards or invite people to cooperation. The more people know what you do, the better for you. Or maybe you should think about planning at least one trip to blog conference?

As you can see, promoting a blog is not so easy, that is why not everybody succeeds. There are also no universal strategies – that what works for somebody else, won’t always work for you. That is why you have to try, test and experiment until you find the best solution for you. Do you have any interesting experiences or additional ideas, which aren’t mentioned in this post? Write them in the comments, let’s share our knowledge – it doesn’t hurt 😉