How to increase your website traffic?

You’ve created a blog, website or information portal and you wonder how to increase your website traffic? There are many ways to do this.  Of course start with the easiest ones such as website optimization, thanks to what your content will be displayed higher in Google search engine. The other thing you can do is content promotion in social media. Share your content in your channels as well as in different groups connected with your content. Thanks to this you can find your target group and have a chance for new readers. Later you can use paid advertising. Just remember that no matter what tool you use, try to monitor all your actions and analyse what channels are the best.

And what about traffic generators?

You’ll find many tools on the Internet, which can help you. However you must know that this is taking a shortcut. Is it worth using these tools? The answer isn’t simple.You must answer here another question – What do you care about? About valuable readers or website traffic? If it’s the second issue, you can use a tool called TrafficBot (we’ve received it for a test).

TrafficBot – Ultimate Website Traffic Generator

If you need to increase website traffic, TrafficBot seems to be quite a good solution. However you must be aware that it gives you only website traffic and not valuable users. You won’t get thanks to that more comments or more shares in social media. It’s also quite a cheap tool, because the cheapest package costs only $9,99 per month. According to information on the website you should achieve 60 k hits per month. According to our tests, this traffic is lower (unless, because of any reason, Google Analytics didn’t register this traffic).  In TrafficBot system there’s of course more traffic.

website traffic - trafficbot

So what possibilities does this tool give us?

We need only a few minutes to configure this tool. Then we have to create a project and decide to what website the traffic will be generated, from which countries and in what form – desktop traffic or mobile traffic or maybe mixed. When we set all project parameteres we can go to more important settings, where we’ll find the following functionalities:

  • Projects are activate for one month and you can renew your project automatically for another month
  • Setting the number of threads (depending on a chosen package), the more channels the more traffic website
  • The possibility of setting bounce rate
  • Defining referrers
  • The list of links from our website – these sites have to be visited by the system ( as part of a project)
  • Time of stay on target websites
  • Language and country from which the traffic must be generatedtrafficbot project settings
  • Type of traffic (realistic, mobile, web or hidden)
  • The possibility of connecting to API system

As you can see there are many settings, but they aren’t very complicated, so you can deal with them quickly. And what then? Monitoring results in Google. You must also remember that when you start such a system, you’ll disturb statistics of organic traffic. We’ve tested this tool for a month and we must admit that our website hasn’t been blocked by Google so the tool generates quite realistic traffic.

Earn with this system

TrafficBot system offers you a possibility of tool recommendation. Thanks to that we can use this tool almost for free. You have to just recommend it to your friends. If they accept your invitation and use this tool, you’ll get a commission on sale (you can buy a tool for this money) .


Although the tool is quite simple in use, the traffic may not be valuable for you. The numbers will increase in your statistics, but it won’t have such a big importance to your business. Choose wisely, it’s your decision.

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