Price and special offers management in e-commerce (part 4) – 4 things we can learn from Amazon

Do you sometimes wonder what methods or techniques you should implement in your e-shops? You surely do. You can of course implement different methods one after the other and learn from your experience and although it’s a good method, it’s also very time-consuming. So if you have a possibility to learn from bigger market players, just do it. One of such players is Amazon. It’s an unquestionable world leader in the e-commerce and you can learn a lot of from it. All you have to do is to watch what’s happening in the service.

First of all, remember about these 4 rules:

  • It’s important how people see you, not how it really is
  • Short-term special offers
  • Bundles, bundles and one more time bundles
  • The most important thing is to know the clients

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