Price and special offers management in e-commerce (part 5) – A/B price testing

Setting pricing strategy for your e-shop isn’t always easy. Unfortunately you won’t find too many patterns in the Internet, which you could model on in an easy way. However do you want to learn quicker and get an experience in your e-shop in a more effective way? Just start testing more variants. One of the best methods is A/B testing. Thanks to this method you can carry out two experiments, for example price testing, at the same time. After some time you can decide which variant is more effective and use it in your e-shop.

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  1. Aaron

    very informative post. I bartend and most people don’t realize that bartending is basically business school. We tried a similar method where we lowered and raised the prices on our drinks to find the best price to maximize profits. It’s a little surprising to learn that our clientele actually liked paying more because it gave them a sense of exclusivity and class.

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