The 10 best posts of 2017 on Startupfreak

Hello readers 🙂 It’s nice to see you. We hope that there will be more of you this year. We’ve decided to sum up the year 2017. We published 30 posts last year. The subject matters of them were different, starting with startups, then blogs, business, marketing and ending with pricing.  We present you the 10 most often read articles in 2017. We hope that we’ll manage to publish even more posts in 2018 😉

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1. Price and special offers management in e-commerce (part 4) – 4 things we can learn from Amazon

Looking at your interest in this article we can se how important Amazon is in the e-commerce market. The amount of sales and the traffic in the service show that we should learn from this giant. If you want to find out what methods are used in Amazon, this article is for you. Czytaj więcej >

2. Why should we use price management software?

Nowadays competition is great in almost any market. You can of course dominate your competition with quality and values added, however in case of some products you must also have a competitive price. The question is – are you able to analyze all these stores by yourself ? It’ll be easier to do it using price management software. That will surely save your precious time. Czytaj więcej >

3. How to build relationships and sell via email? – a test of the best tools for cold emailing

Don’t cheat ourselves, mail is still used. However the most important is the quality of mailing list and maintaining relationships with your customers by using this channel.  If you want to do it effectively, have a look at these tools. Czytaj więcej >

4. How to improve your landing page conversion rate – tools review

Another marketing post, which shows how important Internet is in our business. When you promote your business it’s worth having landing pages thanks to which you can measure efficiency and generate sales leads. In this post we present you some tools and compare their advantages and disadvantages.  Czytaj więcej >

5. Price and special offers in e-commerce (part 1) -the magic of the lost benefits

Pricing is still a hot topic. Well-chosen prices allow you to maximize your profits, but how to do it to make it effective? Unfortunately you must monitor new trends all the time. One of them is “the magic of the lost benefits”. Find out how people react to different variants.  Czytaj więcej >

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6. Price and special offers management in e-commerce (part 5) – A/B price testing

Another topic connected with e-commerce, this time about A/B testing. It works, especially when you aren’t able to define an optimal pricing for a group of products.  You can use then A/B testing. Remember only that to make your test effective, you must fulfill some simple conditions, about which you’ll read in this post.  Czytaj więcej >

7. 20 common reasons why startups fail (infographic)

Many startups appear in the market during a year, however 90% of them fail. We presented in this post 20 reasons why this happens. Additionally we added an infographic. If you plan to found a startup, and you haven’t read this article yet, we encourage you to catch up on the backlog. Czytaj więcej >

8. 6 tools for keyword research

Keywords are one of the most important issues, which make your business is going well (especially this online part of your business). If you chose keywords for your website, fill your content with them. Remember however that it must look naturally, so don’t force it. If you need tools which will help you to analyze keywords, this post is for you. Czytaj więcej >

9. How to set SaaS pricing ? – the best tips

You already have your product and can start selling, but you don’t know how to set pricing? It’s a common problem among new companies. In this post we present you the best tips considering setting SaaS pricing.  Czytaj więcej >

10. 20 essential WordPress plugins every blogger should know about

The last article is important for everybody who has WordPress website. You’ll find here 20 chosen by us plugins, which will help you develop your website. If you know any other interesting plugins, which we didn’t mention, write them in comments. Czytaj dalej >