Useful Tools for Startups That You Can Try Out for Free

There are plenty of tools which are supposed to help you run your business. At least this is what they promise to do – you can only find out how it actually works only after purchasing subscription, which can lead to disappointment. Fortunately, there are useful and reliable tools with a free trial available. We tested them in practice, so check out our picks!

Brand24 –  watch over your brand mentions

Reputation is one of a startup’s crucial assets. If a company receives negative feedback, it can fail even before it has a chance to develop its brand. It can also happen if all questions concerning such company are not properly answered. In order to avoid that, it’s best to monitor the situation, react to any critique and join discussions concerning your products or services. It’s impossible, however, to watch over the whole internet.

brand24 - narzędzia online

Brand24 monitors your brand mentions  – both on regular websites and in social media. Automatically generated reports allow you to promptly join potential discussions. What is more, you can also use the tool’s script to monitor your competitors’ brand mentions  or any other keywords.

Free trial lasts for 14 days which is sufficient to learn about Brand24 potential.


HotJar – learn what uses are doing on your website

You might feel that your website has been perfected in every single possible way. But are you sure? Maybe you don’t know your site visitors as well as you think you do? ? It’s also possible that your site is not very user friendly – certain things that are obvious for you and your team may be simply confusing for your visitors.

HotJar is a script that allows you to find answers to such questions and solve potential problems. With its help you can learn which parts of your website attract clicks or how far users are scrolling down. You can also analyze various stages of a conversion path  and check where it stops. But that’s not all!

hotjar - narzędzia online

HotJar also lets you record the screen seen by visitors including an exact moment or a specific interaction. Together with form filling analysis, which can tell you how long it takes to fill each box, HotJar offers a set of features that can really make it worth your while.

A free trial lasts for 15 days – after this time the tool’s functionality is reduced (the script itself remains viable though.


MailChimp – stay in touch with your customers

Although it may be surprising to some, email marketing still works decently – at least in majority of cases. Not sure how it will perform in your case? Check out MailChimp.

This is one of the most popular emailing platforms offering all important features. You can set up greeting messages, create subscription forms, conduct A/B tests as well as use marketing automation tools.

mailchimp narzędzia online

MailChimp is available in a few different versions. Its free version is already very useful and practical  – you can send your emails to as many as 2k recipients and the number of emails can’t exceed 12k per month. Having this in mind you can be fine with its small limits such as no sending time optimization.


FreshDesk – control your communication

When the number of customers (actual or potential) begins to grow, problems with effective communication can occur. This can be caused by a growing amount of queries, feedback or complaints but also diversity of communication channels you are using. What’s the best way to avoid confusion? You can use dedicated customer support software such as FreshDesk.

Freshdesk narzędzia online

This system allows you to control emails, social media, phones and chats. What is more, if you don’t use chats, FreshDesk helps you set up one. Queries are allocated to tickets which can be then assigned to particular agents, given priorities and complemented with notes.

You can try FreshDesk for free for 21 days though not all its features are available. After your trial has ended, you can use a free version with its limitations or upgrade to one of their paid plans.


Landingi – focus consumers attention on the product

One of the simplest ways to increase your conversion rate is to set up a dedicated landing page. Such page will be optimized for particular type of customer and adapted to ads which caught their attention. You can create such a page yourself or use one of the generators such as Landingi.

Tools to create landing pages are available in many different apps such as already discussed MailChimp. In this case, however, we can use script of the company which got specialised in this area.

landingi narzędzia online

Landingi allow you to use many different templates, provide the possibility to integrate emailing platforms such as MailChimp, FreshMail, GetResponse or SalesManago as well as plug external scripts for analysis.

Above all, it’s possible to run A/B/x tests even if only in more expensive paid plans. This gives you the opportunity to optimize particular aspects of your website’s design. Of course you can do all of this using your own domain to avoid confusing users.

You can test Landingi for 14 days.


Is it worth testing?

If a tool can provide you with new possibilities, improve your processes or save time – why not use it? With free plans and trials available, you can see yourself if such software will be feasible in your case. Do not hesitate to ask for help from support desk. It’s in their best interest to show you how to use a given tool efficiently.   


The author of the article is Jarosław Paduszyński, Product Development Specialist of the platform