Weebly vs Wix.com vs Squarespace … What is the best website creator ?

What is the best www creatorWebsite creators have greatly developed for the last few years. Not so far we could only create very simple projects of a poor quality. Currently we can create really nice and interactive websites, which will work in practice as film and product websites and also blogs.

There are many types of these services in the market. I‘ve decided to test and compare three of them: Weebly, Wix.com and Squarespace. Which one is the best ? … Let’s check.


Website creator - WeeblyOne of the most known brand in the market with a large number of users. Great application, readable interface, editor with many options and well designed help, which teaches the user very quickly how to use the programme. Additionally it stands out from the competition with the possibility of downloading the website source that you’ve created. Recently mailing module has also appeared. It is a comfortable solution, because there is no need to use another tool  (examples of services here). However I haven’t tested it yet.

plusminus_plussimple start of work with application
plusminus_plusapp centre with a large amount of applications
plusminus_pluspromote module with mailing option
plusminus_plusreadable interface
plusminus_plusautomatic generation of mobile website
plusminus_pluspossibility of website source exporting
plusminus_plusgreat integration with social networks
plusminus_pluse-commerce module enabling sale directly from the website

plusminus_minusincomplete translation ( sometimes poor quality)
plusminus_minusmany applications are additionally payable


Website creator - WixIn my opinion, Wix has the best editor of the all tested appliactions, additionally a simple navigation and a great choice of templates. Above-mentioned editor has many controls e.g a nice one to e-shop service. Additionally, the interface gives you a great  flexibility of placing elements in your project.  This the only one (known to me) creator (not only among these described here) that has  invoice module. It enables us issuing documents and payment service!

It’s worth mentioning that ‘help’ is also expanded.

plusminus_plusmany templates (hundreds)
plusminus_plusexpanded editor –  in my opinion the best one
plusminus_plusa large amount of additional applications in App Market
plusminus_plusfree version
plusminus_plusbuilt-in photo editor
plusminus_plusgreat integration with social networks
plusminus_plusinvoices module !!!

plusminus_minuseditor is a little difficult to use, especially for beginners
plusminus_minusthe most expensive, what doesn’t mean expensive 😉


Website creator - SquarespaceThe king of design. My sense of beauty and designer skills are very limited. This is of course my subjective judgement, but I’ve created the most beautiful project using Squarespace. At the beginning I was annoyed by limitations in possibility of templates modification and lack of external plugins. Additionally, at the beginning the interface was a little unclear for me.

However it turned out very quickly that templates are really well prepared and look great, no matter what device they are displayed on. Final result caused that I forgot about all the problems I had during website creation.

plusminus_plusbeautiful templates
plusminus_plusthe most expanded commerce system
plusminus_plusautomatic generation of mobile website
plusminus_plusintegration with MailChimp
plusminus_plusgreat automatic generation of mobile website

plusminus_minussimple interface but not intuitive for me
plusminus_minuslimited possibilities of templates edition
plusminus_minusno free version
plusminus_minusno shop with add-ons


The winner of this comparison for me is  Wix.com. It has the biggest numer of templates and the best creator. The only disadvantage is no possibility of website source exporting (Weebly has such a possibility).

Weebly should be chosen by those who create the website for the first time. It has the most intuitive creator and good tutorial. It’s the only application that has possibility of mailing sending.

What is important, Weebly and Wix.com have free plans.

Squarespace puts a lot of restraints to templates configuration on the website maker, what is the biggest disadvantage (besides lack of plugins). However I must admit that available templates are beautiful and are well displayed on the mobile devices. What is more, functionalities connected with e-commerce are also impressive.