5 social media management tools to save your time

Do you waste a lot of time on browsing and managing channels of your brand in social media? Don’t you know how to deal with it? You’ll find many tools in Internet, which will help you in your work and improve this process, but which one should you choose? Which one is the best? We’ve decided to have a closer look at some of them and make your choice easier.

We’ ve considered in our tests only those tools, which offer more than one social media channel. Below you’ll find 5 social media management tools. It’s worth familiarizing with them.

Hootsuite – Social Media Marketing & Management

As far as I remember it was the first tool of this type. Hootsuite improves workflow of those people, who have to manage several profiles in social media.  Switching over between cards is rather onerous, and we merge here our profiles into one app and have everything in one place. In a  free version, we have a possibility of connecting 3 different profiles, but it’s already enough to improve your work. Besides possibility of answering for all posts, messages or mentions, we have many additional possibilities, such as: real-time deepened analytics, extended post planning, users management (in higher plans). Hootsuite also has mobile apps and additional plugins to web browsers, what makes your work easier.

Pluses and minuses
free account (up to 3 profiles)
real-time deepened analytics
mobile apps and additional plugins
content publication planning
place for content preparation
social media monitoring
notifications and alerts
sync with other apps
quite expensive when used in a bigger team

monthly price: free/9,99$/34,99$/99,99$ (in case of higher plans the price is set individually)hootsuite social media

Buffer – A Smarter Way to Share on Social Media

It’s quite similar to Hootsuite, but it’s less extended. It has a possibility of following profiles and content planning. Additionally we find here an extension called Pablo, which enables you to create simple graphics and use them on your profiles. Unfortunately in the case of free account, we can follow only one profile and that won’t help us too much. Buffer has also mobile apps and a tool for shortening and following links. Analytics is available too, but only in higher plans. One of the disadvantages is limited number of posts per profile.

Pluses and minuses
free account (up to 1 profile)
mobile apps
content publication planning
additional tool for graphics edition
optimal timing tool
limited number of posts in different plans
analytics only in higher plans (from 99$)

monthly price: free/10$/99$/199$/399$

buffer social media

Postplanner – Social Media Engagement App

Postplanner promotes itself as ‘social marketing intelligence’, but is it so? One thing is for sure. It limits time, which you spend in social media channels. Besides posts planning, it enables you to browse content in other channels than yours.  We can browse content, using hashtags, keywords or manually. The system will also suggest us content on the basis of search history and our profiles. The tool has also a nice extension, which analyses when posts (appearing on our channels) have the biggest conversion. Thanks to that we can be much more effective. Unfortunately there is no free plan here.

Pluses and minuses
content publication planning
browsing content in social media
intelligent optimal timing tool
limited number of posts in different plans
no mobile apps
no trial version

monthly price: 9$/19$/49$/99$/199$

post planner social media

Everypost – Social Media Platform

The other tool is Everypost. It works similar to the tools mentioned above, however it enables you to connect (only) Facebook and Twitter profiles.  In Everypost you’ll create and plan content publication.  You can also analyse your content here. If you decide to test this tool you can do it for free within 14 days. The tool has also mobile iOS and Android apps.

Pluses and minuses
content publication planning
mobile apps
14 day free trial
only 2 channels

monthly price:9,99$/29,99$/49,99$/99,99$

everypost social media


The last tool is different from the ones mentioned above. First of all it’s completely free. However you have to spend some time at the beginning to configure everything. IFTTT tool is actually used for processes automation among apps, which you use every day. It works this way: you publish post on Facebook and IFTTT tool finds it automatically and also publishes your post on Twitter. 21 ready applets for marketers you’ll find for example here. It’s also worth following their blog. You’ll find there information about new, interesting solutions, which the tool gives you. Processes automation is great, but unfortunately we can’t control it.  So if you want to be sure that your content also appeared on the other profile, you must check it manually. This tool is useful for simple activities or inner work, however in some businesses it may also be used as target tool of content publication on different channels of a brand. It’s worth checking, analysing and automating your processes for free.

ifttt social media automatic

What tools do you use? Write about them in the comments, we’re willing to know something new! 🙂