6 inspiring talks, which will help you to develop your startup

talk-startup-journeyDo you chase after something every day? Your job, everyday duties, everyday life and many other things? Honestly speaking we sometimes stick to that what we have, just because we are used to it. However we can stop, reject ‘status quo’ and draw some conclusions. You’ll have to face adversities many times. You’ll also lack knowledge or experience many times.  However you can deal with it in two ways. The first way is to hire a person, who will fill gaps in your team. The second one requires a little more devotion, that is getting a missing knowledge. You can of course acquire your knowledge from the Internet, books, papers, podcasts and different talks, and many of talks you’ll find on a platform TED. We chose those talks that should inspire you to improve your business.

Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Take some sheets of paper and a pen. And of course you’ll need an open mind. Additionally get rid of all distractors such as Facebook or your mobile – just turn it down or better switch it off 😉

At the beginning something magic

To succeed and feel fulfilled you must have a passion and feel satisfaction with that what you do. Otherwise people will see and feel that you lack it. The most authentic startup founders are those, who are absorbed in their product. They can talk about it for hours and customers see their engagement. 

What leads to success?

8 ‘simple’ tips from Richard St. John, thanks to which you’ll succeed. Short but very pithy talk, which I will sum up with this quotation: ‘Persistence is the number one reason for our success. You’ve got to persist your failure. You’ve got to persist your crap, which of course mean criticism, rejection, assholes and pressure.’

Inspire to act

If you want to found a startup and be a leader you have to learn how to inspire your team to act.  A good team is half-success. If you aren’t able to inspire them to act and discover new things, you probably won’t succeed (unless it’s a coincidence or lucky chance). Change the way you communicate and you’ll surely get better effects, both inside and outside your business.

Shut your eyes and discover the great ideas

This talk can be taken with a pinch of salt, however remember to keep balance in your life. The man isn’t able to be at work all the time, so keep work-life balance. Have a good sleep and do some physical exercises, and your body will be grateful for that.

Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face!

Bill Gross has a lot of experience in founding startups. It’s worth listening to what he is saying. He made an analysis of factors, thanks to which startups succeed.   What turned out? Watch and draw your conclusions. If you need more information about that, see this article 20 reasons why startups fail.

Why is so little engagement at work?

Some words about cooperation and 6 work rules to make your work easier. The less bureaucracy and openess the better. Check what you can change in your company, so as to work on a new approach, which is more efficient.

That’s all 😉 I hope that you spent your time productively, watching these talks ;). Write your opinion in comments, and if you know any other good talks, give a link to it- let’s share our knowledge, it doesn’t hurt 😉