6 tools for keyword research

No matter if you deal with marketing, Google Adwords campaigns or you just write a blog,  keywords should be important for you. Why? It’s because if you want to attract Internet users’ attention, you must know what they look for and offer them it.

Keyword plannerThe first step you can take, is to use Keyword planner (which is offered by Google Adwords). All you have to do, is to log in and just start using it.  You’ll find there groups of words, statistics and you can see predicted effectiveness of it. Thanks to that you’ll be able to decide what your group of recipients wants. Of course there are also other tools (sometimes better), worth using and thanks to which you’ll compare results and you’ll know more. I present some of them below:

MOZ Keyword Explorer

A great tool, fully available for 2 phrases a day. Keywords suggestions together with displaying statistical data and the list of popular domains, connected with a keyword.  We’ll also find here the last references of a particular keyword use, which appeared on the Internet.

moz -keyword -explorer


A nice tool that helps you to set keywords for a particular word. You can also check desirable keywords in different channels, such as: Google, Amazon, Youtube, Wikipedia and so on (11 channels in total). You can also search channels by languages. When you set everything, you can export your list in CSV file or to Amazon tool (keyword list tool).


Keyword Tool

It works similar to Keyword.io. It’s a tool that will suggest us what phrases are connected with our keyword. The tool enables us to search a few services in order to find groups of keywords. We can choose from these ones: Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon and App Store. A great advantage of this tool is the possibility of searching a particular country, because the results may be quite different depending on many conditions.

keyword - tool

SEO Book Keyword Tool

It’s also a very interesting and helpful tool. Using this tool, you can find out what daily and monthly search number of data and particular keywords values is. You can export such a list to CSV file, where you can easily manage all the data.

seo -book -keyword -tool

Long Tail Pro

The last tool I can recommend you is Long Tail Pro. Unfortunately it’s not free, but if you want you can test it for 7 days, paying only1$. Generally speaking it’s more expanded keyword planner than google.  The only exception here is keyword research. You can do it comprehensively, adding your domain to this tool.  Thanks to that you’ll know more. You can also follow your competitors. The tool costs 25$ (the lowest price) and you have here 10 000 keywords per month.