How to generate more leads using LinkedIn?

It’s especially hard to generate potential sales leads at the beginning of product existence. Many companies try to use Content Marketing, but they don’t realise that in many cases we need time to generate leads from this channel effectively. We can of course use AdWords campaign or FB advertisement, however in the case of limited budget it can also be very difficult to do.

So what to do to get a list of potential customers at reasonable price?
We can use LinkedIn.

LinkedInLinkedIn is the biggest base of contacts to companies owners and workers from all branches in the world. Almost every important business person has an account there. Apart from contact information we also have there information about workplace and position. There are available all the data needed to find target customers of our product.

Before you start work, it’s worth dividing your potential customers into segments. Thanks to that it’ll be easier for you to control campaign results.
So let’s assume that we are searching for companies, dealing with marketing, which hire more than 10 people. Then we are wondering to whom (in this company) address the offer.  Let’s assume that in our case it’ll be a Chief Financial Officer.

To search for particular people, we use advanced search in LinkedIn.
Advanced search LinkedIn

Then we choose criteria and search. Remember that you can write searches similar to those in google, so for example in the field “title” we can write: CFO and Chief Financial Officer, because positions can be described differently.
It’s also worth choosing groups to which users belong. It’ll help us to specify interests of our potential customers (we can only choose groups to which we belong).

Advanced people search LinkedIn

We get the list of people fulfilling our criteria.

Contact list LinkedIn

Now we have two possibilities. The first one is contact through LinkedIn. Unfortunately the amount of InMaills is limited, but we can use them at the beginning.
The second option is to download contacts and send emails. Of course LinkedIn doesn’t have such an option, but we can use for it available tools. For example I like

To use we must create an account in the service (free trial is available) and install a plugin to web browser (I tested it on Chrome).

After installing it, there will be buttons on the search page in LinkedIn: Prospectify.

Prospectify buttons

When we click the button, the data of the chosen contact will be exported to, where the system will try to define the contact email to a person that we are searching for. Remember that you can load all LinkedIn search lists to the system. The contact list can be also exported or we can use one of many integrations.

I recommend you to watch this video about

When the email address list is already exported, we can start our cold email campaign. I’ll write more about that in the next post.