How to get started with Google Analytics statistics on your website?

You’ve started your adventure with blogging or you’ve created your website and you don’t know how to assess the results of your work? There are some solutions to this problem. First of all you can of course ask your friends or customers about their opinion. Secondly, you can also assess your results looking at the comments written below your posts. And thirdly, you can track and analyze statistics using, for example, Google Analytics.

Today we’ll deal with statistics and if this topic turns out to be interesting, maybe we’ll develop it 😉 Why should we have statistics? The main reason is: to measure effectiveness of our work. There’s no worse situation than that when you pay for advertising and you aren’t even able to assess its effectiveness.

What do Google Analytics statistics give us?

The possibilities of this tool are really huge. If you delve into statistics you can take a lot of data from them. It’ll help you to understand better users who visit your website. Today we’ll concentrate only on these data, which are more relevant to website or blog. Here are some useful information, which you can get at the beginning thanks to GA:

  • the number of unique users visiting your website
  • more info about users (geolocation, age, interests, time of stay on your website)
  • the most often visited sites
  • sources – from where the users are (from any other sites, Internet forums or social media)
  • the list of phrases thanks to which the users got to our website after entering these phrases in Google (after synchronizing GA with tools for webmasters from Google)

All issues mentioned above (if they are analyzed and interpreted properly) will help us in a better adjustment of our site to our receivers. However, to analyze these statistics we must connect this service with our website. Let’s find out how to do this.

How to create Google Analytics account?

The best way is to have an email in Gmail. You don’t have to create a new account then, but you log in to the service using Gmail login and password. To do this you just need to enter the site and log in. Now you must create an account to your website. Click on button: Administration, then Account > Create new account.

google analytics create new account
Then you’ll see a window where you can easily define: account name, website name, website url, industry category and reporting time zone.

ga new account

When you fill in all fields, just click on ‘Get Tracking ID’.

get tracking id


After clicking on it you’ll see terms of service. You must read and accept it. Then you’ll see an individual tracking id and tracking code, which you must paste into website, so as this service works.  You need a little knowledge of HTML here or help of a familiar programmer 😉 to implement the code that was displayed.

google anlytics tracking id


Depending on technology you use on your website or usage of this service we have some possibilities of connecting Google Analytics with our website:

  • pasting html code in a section
  • implementation by creating PHP file
  • dynamic content implementation (the possibility of pasting the code with a shared file or template)
  • Google tags manager

The thing is even much more easier when you have created your website on WordPress, because you can do it easily by yourself. All you have to do is to use Analytics plugin from official WordPress repository. After installing the plugin we choose Google Analytics Code section and paste our tracking id. Since then you can track you website statistics and analyze traffic and everything what happens on your website. Let me know ( in comments) if I shall continue this series of posts or what other issues should I write about.