Is it worth buying Macbook Pro?

Today we’ve got a challenge 😉 – to buy Macbook Pro or not to buy? That is the question 😉  Of course we won’t decide for or against Apple, but maybe our post will help you make a decision. It’s worth asking yourself – what do I need my new laptop for? The budgetary issue is also important.

Why is MacBook so expensive?

We surely know that marketing is also a part of this computer price. Additionally there is a quality and used materials. Honestly speaking the design and ergonomy of this computer do a good job. The used materials (in comparison to other, cheaper computers) are of a really good quality. Show me another laptop, thanks to which you can even cut fruit and vegetables? 😛

However, seriously speaking, midrange computers don’t have such a good quality. Rubbed off keys on a keyboard, creaking case, not to mention mismatched elements  – these are only some examples. So if you do care about quality, you surely should pay attention to these elements. Another issue is the fact that Apple computers appear only in several configurations, therefore engineers and programmers can optimize system quite well and make it work efficiently. In Windows there are thousands different configurations.

And now we’ll weigh up all pros and cons.

Let’s start … hello!

You open your laptop and work. In Macbook you’ve got almost everything you need for a basic work and fun. This is it what you won’t find in computers with Windows, because if you want to start working on such a computer, you must install a lot of things at the beginning. It’s also important to have an antyvirus programme. These are additional costs, which we don’t take into consideration when we choose cheaper computer.

Operating system is not so scary

It’s a matter of fact that when you’re used to Windows, it’ll take you a little time to switch into MacOS. However I think it’s worth it 😉 The system has a lot of conveniences and shortcuts thanks to what you can operate it in a quite ergonomic way. What’s more, you don’t need an additional mouse or keyboard.  Even if you come back to Windows after some time, you’ll get some experience, which can be helpful in your further work.


In Macbook Pro 2015 you’ll find many of them and almost all of them work well. There are not so many of them in newer models, just USB-C. For some of you it may be a problem and you’ll have to buy an adapter, but honestly speaking, in some years most of computers will surely have such a configuration. You can treat it as an advantage or disadvantage. If somebody doesn’t use too many peripheral devices, he’ll probably be satisfied. In other case, you’ll have to get through it somehow 😉

apple MacBook pro

Battery life

It’s another advantage of most Apple models. Even working intensively, you’re able to work from 6 to 8h (of course computers of other brands are slowly getting a similar standard). So if you work via mobile device or move it’s another aspect worth considering.


What more can I write? 😉 You must pay more for good quality products. If you have a limited budget you may also check on a secondary market. Apple computers are quite solid, so you can find 2 or 3 years old models at a good price. Thanks to that you spend less money and the quality of this computer won’t go down so quickly, as in the case of computers with Windows.

And that’s all 🙂 I don’ know if I convinced you or didn’t, just decide yourself. Remember only that when you buy next laptop, pay attention to more elements than price or parameteres and this new laptop will serve you for many years.