SEO plugin that you must have on your blog

Why do you need SEO?Nowadays everybody can become an influencer, but just details decide about that whether people see it what we are doing. Of course you can’t forget that writing a post on your blog is not enough, you also need to promote it in a proper way. Today we’ll deal with one more important issue that is SEO, because a lot of depends on it – how your website and posts are displayed in Google.

Why do  you need SEO?

But what is all this noise about? Why is it so important? Users look for different information in Google everyday and only details decide whether they click on your article. Remember also that you only have one chance to make a first impression. That is why except from a great content you also need to describe your article well using best SEO practices. Have a look at these examples:

startup true seo

seo fail

Which description does encourage you to click on the link and read the article? I think that you already know the answer 🙂

How to optimize your blog posts for SEO?

There are many techniques and methods, but in this post we’ll deal with the easiest one. If you have a WordPress blog, all you need to do is to install WordPress SEO by Yoast. Then you must activate it and go through the configuration, clicking on ‘open configuration wizard’. After that your plugin will be configurated in its basic scope, but of course you can change all your data in a dashboard. However a basic version of this plugin is enough at the beginning. If you need more advanced options you can buy premium version (69$).

Features of SEO by Yoast

  1. Post readability – you’ll find here some clues concerning your article. You sometimes need to correct a few details to make your post more readable, for example: dividing the text into paragraphs or placing headings in the text.
  2. Keyword – you define here a focus keyword for your post (the keyword should be rather connected with your text). When you do it, you’ll get precise content analysis about that what to improve in your post to make keyword phrase more visible in Google. Remember only that sticking to all recommendations is sometimes useless, because the article itself can make no sense. Correct only those things that you are able to do easily.
  3. Social media visibility – you set here your post visibility on Facebook or Twitter.
  4. Advanced – you doesn’t have to change it, you can mark your post here with ‘noindex’ or ‘nofollow’.

SEO for startups

The easiest way to show it is to use an example. We choose a suitable article. In our case we choose the topic about startups – 20 common reasons why startups fail. When our plugin is active we scroll to the bottom of the article and there we’ll find ‘Yoast SEO’ section.

seo keyword startup

The focus keyword for our post was ‘startup’. When we entered this phrase we got the results of content analysis. So we’ve corrected the URL for the article and edited snippet. After clicking on ‘Edit snippet’ you can set SEO title, slug and meta description.

In next step go to ‘Social’ and edit there title and description for particular social media (Facebook and Twitter). The descriptions don’t have to be the same as for the search engine.

startup facebook seo

Additionally you can add individual images for these social media. Thanks to that when somebody shares the link to the article on Facebook he’ll have different image than on Twitter. However when somebody shares the link to your article in other social, the featured image from the post will be automatically loaded. Thanks to that you can be more creative. Of course if you don’t have time or an idea leave these settings empty, because there’s nothing worse than changing something at all costs.

And now we can publish our post and wait for the effects. We can also use the same SEO settings for your subpages and categories.

A few words to sum up

Thanks to this plugin your blog will be well prepared for search engines. The effects may not be spectacular at the beginning. However if you remember about basic rules when adding posts to your blog, it will surely benefit you and your blog visits will go up.