The best tools for e-mailing (email marketing)

email marketingThere are many tools for e-mail marketing in the market and it’s difficult to choose, at the first sight, the one that will be the best for our needs. Obviously there is no possibility to test all of them, so I’ve decided to compare 3 services, which in my opinion are the most comfortable in use, have reasonable price and are the most often used by Polish companies. I won’t be describing all functionalities in details, because I could write a book about this . I’ll focus on assesment ( it’s often subjective one) of key functionalities, price and simplicity of use from the entrepreneur of MSP market perspective, who starts his adventure with email marketing.

So what is the best tool for mailing? I’ll focus here on comparing 3 services:

Tool for emailing - FreshmailOne of the best products for starting your adventure with email marketing. A well-considered campaign creator „teaches” a user how to prepare an effective mailing. So even if you use this creator for the first time, all you have to do this is to watch the short instructional video, and Freshmail itself will show you another steps which you have to take to have your campaign well prepared.
I’t s worth mentioning the following tools here: code inspector, antispam tests and inbox tests. Thanks to them you can check in an easy way whether the message that you’ve prepared will display correctly in different mail boxes and whether it won’t be qualified as spam.
If you don’t want to use one of 138 ready templates, you can use an editor, which will enable you creating your own project from the very beginning. It’s easy to use and enables you creation of really professional templates. What is more, all prepared templates are adjusted to be displayed on the mobile devices. (RWD).

plusminus_plusbeautiful, ready email templates
plusminus_plusone of the best messages creators in the market
plusminus_plusinteresting and helpful blog + useful instructional videos
plusminus_plusadvanced API
plusminus_plusA/B tests
plusminus_pluscode inspector, antispam tests, inbox tests
plusminus_plusnearly 500 free contacts and 2000 free messages per month

plusminus_minusexcessive simplicity in some places causes difficulties in the access to advanced functions
plusminus_minustoo few ready integrations with other systems
plusminus_minusno possibilities of html source edition in pattern templates
plusminus_minusno possibility of creating  landing page

Tool for emailing - MailChimpMailChimp stands out, among the tested applications, with the biggest free plan: 2000 subscribers and 12000 mails per month – these numbers are really impressive. Each company that starts its adventure with email marketing can use a professional tool for free.
Programme interface is readable, however it’s not so easy to use during the first time as  FreshMail because of less readable creator. However, you can learn how to use it very quickly and then you use it very easily. In case of problems you can use ‘help’ (it has a really good search engine). I definitely recommend using templates for those who are beginners. Advanced users, who know HTML can use built-in editor, which will enable you creating your own template.
I didn’t manage to find the function which would analyze mail template whether it’s prone to antispam filters. However you can find a lot of information (in ‘help’ tab) about that how to create templates so as they weren’t qualified as spam.

plusminus_plusfree plan: 2000 subscribers and 12000 mails per month
plusminus_plusclear interface
plusminus_pluspossibility of downloading contacts from many systems: Salesforce, Zendesk, EventBrite, Google and many others
plusminus_plusmail preview in many different boxes

plusminus_minusthe least readable templates creator  (however sufficient)
plusminus_minusthe least amount of interesting, ready templates
plusminus_minusfree plan doesn’t contain analythics

The first things that we can see after creating an account in GetResponse are: readable and not overloaded interface and additional functions in the form of creators: Questionnaires, Forms, Landing Pages and Webinars. I must admit that each of these functionalities is well prepared. I like creator Landing Pages the most.
Campaign creator is easy and handy. While creating messages you can use a ready template (>500 patterns), creator (drag and drop) or HTML editor.
A great advantage is possibility of messages preview in many mail boxes as well as in different types of mobile phones.  Another advantage is possibility of contacts import from many systems: Salesforce, Google, Magento and many others.

plusminus_pluswell prepared and readable user’s interface
plusminus_plussimple but good messages creator
plusminus_plusexpanded autoresponder
plusminus_pluspossibility of creating landing page, questionnaires and forms
plusminus_plusa huge knowledge base
plusminus_plusspam score and preview in different mailboxes and mobile phones
plusminus_plusgood integration with social networks
plusminus_plusA/B tests
plusminus_plusa great amount of integrations with other systems
plusminus_plusmany free graphics
plusminus_plusexcellent reports

plusminus_minuslack of free version, only 30 day trial
plusminus_minussome of materials from knowledge base available only in English
plusminus_minusa little complicated price list


GetResponse is the one I like the most. It has many additional functions and is easy to use. I also like a large number of integrations with other systems, for example Salesforce, what causes that working in the company becomes easier. Unfortunately, it also has a serious disadvantage – no free version.
For beginners I would recommend FreshMail. In my subjective opinion, it has the best campaign creator, which will let a new user go through the process without the necessity of tutorial reading and instructional videos watching. As for MailChimp it is a tool of first choice, for people who look for a free tool with a lot of possibilities and already have some experience with email marketing.